Effective Home Push Up Workout: Features, Tips, Techniques

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We have for you a complex of several types of push-ups, for the development of explosive strength and effective work of the pectoral muscles, triceps, and abs.

The purpose of this complex is not so much to increase muscle mass but to develop the endurance and explosive strength of the athlete. We will perform it at the fastest pace, with a minimum pause between exercises. By the way, the implementation of this complex will help burn excess fat in your body.

Push-Ups With Different Hand Positions

  • Diamond push-ups (thumbs and index fingers touch each other) – 10%
  • Push-ups with arms at shoulder width – 25%
  • Push-ups with a wide stance – 25%
  • Spiderman Push-ups – 20%
  • Plyometric push-ups – 20%

Tips For Perfect Pushup Workout

The number of repetitions is indicated in percent since it must be calculated individually. Someone will be able to perform a total of 100 push-ups, and someone 20. You must therefore determine for yourself the degree of your training and calculate for yourself the number of repetitions for each exercise.

We count forces so that to carry out the last exercise from the last forces. By the way, it was not in vain that we set the last to be “plyometric push-ups”. This is the most difficult option presented in this list, so it will be ideal for accustoming your muscles to work in an explosive manner and increase explosive power to the maximum.

Perform the exercises in the order in which they are listed. After completing the required number of times of the first exercise, without a pause, we proceed to the second, etc. After completing all the exercises, we rest for 2 minutes and repeat the whole complex again. The number of sets is determined individually, but we recommend doing at least three.

How many pushups should I do a day:

Training level               Number of Sets

Newbie                                3

Experienced                         5

Pros                                    7

Rest between sets – 2 minutes

Spiderman Push Up Proper Form And Technique

Can do more than 15-20 classic push-ups? We can safely proceed to Spiderman pushup. Follow all instructions.

1. The warm-up. Warm-up your entire body completely. Focus on your hands.

2. Try to push off the ground as hard as possible. It turns out to “hover” above the ground for 1-2 seconds”? If you have done 4-6 times, then move on!

3. Lift your feet off the floor. Now we try to make an explosive movement with our feet because we need to raise the entire body above the ground. Do it 10 times. No problems? Next!

4. Explosion + separation of legs. As you understand, we combine two movements. Focus on the movement of the hands and feet will go up by inertia. Help yourself with your pelvis if it’s hard. We do 12 such repetitions. Is everything okay? Scroll down!

5. Sudden movement of the hands. Stand up straight on your knees. Start doing push-ups. At the top point, abruptly put your hands in front of you. You should have time to make a swing movement and put your hands back. For testing-15 times. You are close! Last step!

6. Coveted push-up. It remains to connect the explosive movement of the hands and feet with a wave of the hands. The higher you raise yourself, the more time you will have to put your hands in the “Superman” pose.

If you want to find an effective way to burn body fat – visit flat12.me fitness blog! Didn’t work out the first time? Take a break and try again. Only by trying will you be able to learn Superman push-ups.

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